The best time to visit Croatia?

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Traditionally, this eastern European country’s travel periods are broken up into three seasons: high, low, and off season. Before you book your dates, choose your preferences.

Low season

This would be end of April, May, end of September and begging of October.

These months, in my view, are the best – temperatures between 23-27 degrees make it ideal sunbathing weather on the Adriatic, yet beaches are vacant, as there are no crowds that will appear as soon as school’s out. It’s also warm enough to swim in the sea. Sightseeing is more enjoyable before extreme Mediterranean summer temperatures, and travelling between sights can be more relaxing, as there are fewer people and significantly less pressure on transport facilities. If you want a bit of everything, this is perhaps the best time of year to visit Croatia.

High season

Croatia’s travel season is at its peak in June, July and August. The weather is consistently sunny and warm. Looking for your own picture-perfect Mediterranean oasis?

Many Croats make their way to the coast at this time, and social and cultural activity in the inland cities tends to dry up as a result. Peak-season daytime temperatures can be roasting, however, both on the coast and inland, and dawn-to-dusk sightseeing can be a gruelling experience. If you’re planning on island hopping, be aware that there can be queues, so arrive at ports early.

Croatian summers are known for their music festivals so be sure to hit at least one while you are there. There are countless options: the INmusic Festival and International Folklore Festival in Zagreb and the ULTRA Music Festival in Split are among the continent’s top picks.

Off season

Croatia sees the fewest tourists from October to April. While it does get cold there, you can still have a fabulous time. The prices hit rock bottom throughout the country and it’s a perfect opportunity to have an holiday for an incredible bargain.

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